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About Me

Hello, my name is Helen and I am the owner of Wilson Walks.

I set up this company in 2018, after I adopted my rescue dog Taz (aka Tazzy Bear). Taz was a timid boy who lacked confidence and could often be very reactive towards people and dogs.

Having grown up with rescue dogs I knew that with a bit of hard work and bags of patience I'd have a loving and loyal dog in no time. So, I invested in some behavioural training and attended canine behaviour workshops, which worked a treat!

Working with Taz helped me to realise my own potential. I took the plunge and gave up my job at the Home Office to start dog walking and pet sitting as a full time career.  It's safe to say, I've not looked back since! 

I am trustworthy, fully insured, DBS checked and pet first aid trained. 

I will only use a rewards based, force-free approach with all animals. 

I attend regular training courses and workshops and I also volunteer at puppy training classes (@peopleanddogs) where I am continually learning new skills that I teach my doggy clients. This not only ensures that I can provide the best possible care for your pet, but it also makes their walks with me a lot more fun.

If you would like to get in touch for more information please either call, visit the contact page or email.



We am currently providing

the following services:

Image by Tatiana Rodriguez
Image by Ramiz Dedaković
Image by Joe Caione

Pet First Aid


This course has given me the skills to assist your pet in an emergency, preventing them from getting worse before professional help is given by your vet. More information can be found on their website.


Canine Body Language


This workshop focused on reading and interpreting subtle body language and facial expressions, allowing me to fully understand what a dog is really trying to communicate. More information can be found on their website.


Dog Parkour level 1


Dog Parkour is a fun, challenging and confidence building activity for all dogs and humans alike. Me and my dog Taz took part in Level 1 during the first lockdown of 2020.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and aim to have our level 2 certificate in early 2021. For more information on this course take a look here


Canine Communication - The Language of A Species


When working with dogs it’s essential that we can tell whether our dogs are relaxed, coping, scared, stressed or trying to escape. This course was a great little refresher in what little signals I should be looking out for. For more info go to here


Wilson Walks is insured by Pet Business Insurance

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