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Dog Walking

£12 per hour

We will tailor the walks to suit your pooches needs, including solo walks for anxious dogs.


Me and my team will take time to get to know your dog and will only match them to groups they are comfortable being in. We will introduce them to small groups so that they are not overwhelmed on the first meeting.

This is not just ​a walk around the block!

Your dog will be taken out on a good walk where they can run, play and sniff for a full hour. We play games of hide the treats/toy/person (yes we play hide and seek!) as well as catch and tug games. When returned home your dog will be happy and exhausted and will sleep the rest of the day away until you get home. 

Slow introductions and getting used to a new routine works much better than lots of changes all at once. So why not book a free meet up for you and your dog to join us on a group walk?  

​Discount given for two or more dogs from the same household providing they can be walked together.


Solo walks will incur an additional charge.

Dog Walking
Puppy Play & Learn

£10 per visit


Did you know that learning to socialise with humans and other dogs is one of the most important skill sets you can teach your new puppy? Did you also know that socialising for dogs does not mean playing with every dog or human they meet? A calm greeting and then walking on is the sign of a polite and well mannered dog.

This is where we can help. We don’t just offer a toilet break or walk around the block. We will interact and teach your puppy some basic skills through play. With all of our dogs we aim to build confidence and trust so that they feel happy and safe with us. 

As they get older and are able to walk a bit further, we will introduce them to our groups and allow them to socialise in a safe and controlled way. 

Puppy/Kitten Visits
Cat Sitting
Cat Sitting

£10 per visit

While you're away, we will be sure to give your feline friend the top notch service they are accustomed to.

Whatever your cat's demands, just let us know so we can ensure they get it. We can even administer medication if required.

A picture or video will be taken of your cat so you know they are happy and safe.

Pet and House Sitting
£35 per night

By letting us stay at with your dog in their home, you can guarantee the following:

  • We will spend time building your dog’s confidence and trust

  • Your dog will feel safe in their own home

  • You have peace of mind knowing that your house will be secure too

  • Your dog will get a morning and evening walk, as well as a walk with our group during the day.

  • Your dog will get their usual meals at their set meal times

  • Your dog will feel relaxed and happy with a similar routine

  • Your dog can meet and make new doggy friends to keep for life 

  • You will get regular updates on their daily adventures

  • We will keep your dog busy both mentally and physically so that you know they will be sleeping soundly each night

  • If your dog usually likes to cuddle up at night then we’ll happily oblige

  • Missing your best friend? You can text, call or video chat with us (or them...we won’t be offended) at any time during your holiday

All dogs are expected to have at least 2 group or solo walks with us prior to you going on holiday. This ensures that they feel safe with us and it helps them to settle in with the Wilson Walks gang. 

Pet and House Sitting
Small Animal Feeding
Please contact me for prices

Depending on your pets needs, regular visits and check ups can be arranged for feeding, cleaning, cuddling, etc. 

Small Animal Feeding
Calm Canines & 
Adventurous Hounds

Calm Canines

£12 for 1 hour

(weekdays only)

This is aimed at older dogs or dogs recovering from surgery, but would also suit the sniffs-a-lots who enjoy taking in all the different scents and smells at a more leisurely pace. 

Adventurous Hounds
£40 for 2 hours

This is aimed at the working dogs, but would suit any dog with bags of stamina. It will be a 2 hour walk, venturing out to a different place each time so that the dogs will have a lot more to see, do and explore.

During the walks we will do some dog parkour, play scent games and tracking games as well as have a good play with some of the hidden toys that they will (hopefully) find on the return journey.

Adventurous hounds is currently only available at weekends and booking is required.

All dogs will be required to wear a harness with a front clip - this is in case we walk near any farmland and they need to be put back on the lead.

All dogs will need to have relatively good recall and be good with people and dogs.

Give me a call or email for more details and to discuss your requirements.

Calm Canines & Adventurous Hounds
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